I have been working for the last 5 years…..But I have not earned the title of ‘EMPLOYED’, simply because my job is not so called ‘PERMANENT’ ( I always wonder how jobs are permanent, when life it self is not 😕).

So every year I have to undergo the gruelling annual cycle of answering interviews. This years cycle is beginning next week for which I am getting my self prepared. I have to brush up all my previous knowledge, learn something more, mug up some stuff and hope to win the lottery this time. 

For the last 5 years I have been working at the same place, teaching the same thing, so most of my previous knowledge has kind of got stagnant and fallen into darkness. So I am trying hard to brush up and shine some light on the old concepts which I probably learnt almost 13 years back ( that’s a loooooong time 😱). It’s like moving my Knowledge from darkness to light.

Todays topic was light.

Light……A form of energy.

Nature displayed…….. Both particle and wave.

Phenomenons associated…….Reflection, refraction, Interference & diffraction (wave nature) ; photo electric effect (particle nature)

Interference: a phenomenon produced by the superposition of to light waves resulting in a series of alternative bright and dark bands or fringes.

Diffraction : a phenomenon produced by the interference of light waves after they bend across an obstacle. The pattern formed has a central bright fringe followed by alternative bright and dark fringes on either side with dropping intensities.

Polarisation : The phenomenon through which the vibration of a wave is limited to only one plane. Sunlight is an unpolarized source of light…..That means the light waves coming from the sun vibrate in all directions. Polarised light vibrates in only one plane.

Photo electric effect. …..The theory for which Einstein won the noble prize. Light irradiated on a metal surface, manages to supply some of the free electrons with enough energy to break away and flow to produce current. I love the photoelectric effect……one of the few phenomenas that made logical sense to me.

Did you know that like light…Matter is also seen to exhibit a dual nature?

This theory was proposed by De Broglie who suggested that particles of matter could also behave like that had a wavelength associated with them.

Heisenberg’s Uncertainity Principle…..States that it is never possible to accurately measure the position and momentum of a particle.

………So much knowledge still not enough to take me from the darkness to the light.

My ordeal will still carry on.