I just got a news update saying that an Indian origin, Leo Varadkar is all set to become the next Prime Minister of Ireland. 
Oh great I thought to myself! What a great moment for India, a nation from where billions of immigrants originate and move out in search of better pastures πŸ˜€. Some unable to find pastures return back, while some end up reaching great heights like Leo Varadkar did.
We Indians have a lot of issues with our country. Given a chance many of us would not mind hiding our nationality. But our National pride is suddenly awakened when a fellow Indian or another national with a trace of Indian nationality makes it big on the world front. Then all of us are like ‘The proud Indians πŸ˜€’. We won’t even mind taking credit for the persons achivement either.

I clicked on the news-update link to read more about Leo Varadkar. I read that his father, a doctor by profession came from Varad, a quite village in the Konkan region of India. He moved on to England and then to Dublin in Ireland. Leo is also a doctor by profession. The next thing I read, really caught my interest……Leo is a Gay.

Wow!! How come nobody had a problem with homosexuality this time???? I further read that same sex marriage had been recently legalised in Ireland, which otherwise is a staunch Roman Catholic nation. The Catholic Church is strictly against homosexuality, condemning it as anti- God. But India as a country of traditions and values is even greatly against homosexuality. 
Many campaigns for gay rights have been held in the recent past. What amuses me is how issues like homosexuality which otherwise is taken to heights of morality and religion can so easily be hushed up if the person under concern ends up becoming famous be it a Prime Minister or a famous Fashion designer. 
In our world of today, if the same crime is committed by a commoner and an influential, the commoner would be convicted while the influential would be aquitted. Unfortunately that’s how it is…..That’s what I call double standards. 

Society needs to come out clear on what it considers to be a crime. And if you want rules made, then please implement them uniformly and not based on convinience. An influential and a commoner should be given the same rights and dignity.
I am still confused on the whole row of Homosexuality, I am too small to understand the complexity of such a huge issue involving the physical, mental, social, moral and spiritual dimensions of life. I really don’t know where the need be drawn. But issues like these need to be debated. And debated at the earliest, so that things can come out clear for a better civilized society. 
I strongly believe that every person is entitled to the right of dignity ……not for being a man, a woman or a transgender…….but just for being a human.
Congratulations!!!! Mr. Leo Varadkar…..Not for only becoming the youngest PM, definitely not for having your roots in India…….but for standing for what you believe in.