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Jezu Borea Gonvllea

Mogall bhava- boinnino, wordpressacher ho mhozo poilo Konkani post. Somzota tumkam avodtollo 😁.

Devacho sor ami zaitia toren kortat…..Dekik, ek bapui, ek xikxok, ek ixxt ani adi. Mhaka hantuntlo avoddta toh sor zaun asa eke Gonvlleacho. Ek gonvlli zo aple mendriank apurbaen pallta. Heach nodren mhozo ho avodtto git. Tumi igorjent aikolla, astolloch.

Jezu Borea Gonvllea

Jezu Borea Gonvllea, Jezu svadik bolea,

Sorgim than tu denvloi, sodunk mhaka ailloi

Polle hanv ti xelli, tuka chukon gelli

Tujem thΓ’i vorr mhaka, pois vochunk sodd nhaka

Jezu svadik moga, sanddlo hanven tuka

Iemkodda vatt dhorli, pisai vhodd adarli,

Pattim mhaka apoi, ghaiant mhaka lipoi,

Nhannoun Povitr Rogtant, dovvor  sodanch kallzant!

English translate

I love to look at God as a shepherd tending unto his sheep. I being one from the herd. There is this hymn in my mother tongue konkani which I love to listen. I am just attempting to translate 2 paras of this hymn. Go ahead and listen 😁

Jesus the good Shepherd

Jesus the good Shepherd, Jesus the sweetest sacrifice

You descended from heaven, to liberate me

Here I am the lamp, who missed your path

Find me and never let me go

I have lost you , oh Jesus thy sweetest love

I walked on the path to hell, what a great madness I did

I have lost my way, call out to me

Hide me in your precious wounds

Bathe me in thy Holy Blood, keep me forever in thy heart.

Jezu Borea Govlea – Rosarians

Someday when I return to the Earth, I would want these words on my grave……….Jolta and her Lord…..A sheep and her Shepherd. πŸ˜‡



Joalita .....or Jolta is just one from the crowd. And every post on this blog is one from the crowd of the random thoughts that pass her mind.

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