Maslow’s theory >>> basic needs of man>>> food, clothing, shelter

Jolta’s theory >>> basic needs of man>>>food, clothing, shelter and…….. COMFORT.

Of course!!! Why not?? I need to be comfortable with the food I eat….You can’t expect me to eat grubs for food….Just because they are a rich source of protein 😱 forget grubs I don’t even like some types of vegetables that otherwise are a delicacy. 

On the same lines …..I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing a saree or a tight fitting top nor would I be comfortable living in a house with noisy surroundings or infested with mosquitoes. 

So comfort for me has always been a top priority . …….even when it came to a job. Before starting my hunt for a job, I demarcated the boundaries of what I called my ‘comfort zone’. And a strict rule was made not to cross the ‘comfort zone’.  Over the years many jobs opportunities were left out or ignored if they didn’t fall within my comfort zone.

So the boundaries were maintained and the zones were protected against all odds……..and finally a time came when. I realised that there was nothing left in the comfort zone 😱………It became devoid of any opportunities.

Sometimes life teaches you lessons the hard way. I had to break the rule and breach the boundaries……..I had to finally move out of my Comfort Zone. 

For the last 4 years I’ve been working at a place that is a 20 minutes drive from my place. Imagine me driving 90 minutes to answer an interview…….Now thats what I call moving out of the comfort zone.

I don’t know what would be the consequences of breaching the boundaries of my zone. But sometimes we are forced to take the hard step. I just hope I can make it through. In God I’ll trust. 

Goa although a small tiny- state, she still manages to preserve her diversity. No wonder a Xaxtikar like me was feeling lost out of her comfort zone, in a foreign territory like Bardez.

Comfort zones.  ……Do they really provide comfort or do they restrict our growth ?????