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No beginning …..No end

The pic above is of a drain flooded with rainwater and waste. The area is very close to where I live and It is a clear depiction of the state of affairs in my land. 

Over the years there has been a rampant misuse of public funds by politicians, bureaucrats and others in the name of development.

Sadly speaking it seems like my land was better developed went it was a colony of a foreign land. In the colonial days , a network of small drains cut through the length and breadth of a place. These small drains were later linked up to a bigger drain called a ‘nullah’. The nullahs were then let out into open fields or rivers where the rain water would finally find its way back home.

Over the last few years many concrete drains have been built in most of the villages of my land. The network being so extensive that I guess if we joined all the drains, it would be enough to cover the distance from the earth to the moon 😂. Moreover I am still wondering whether the drains were meant to drain rain water or garbage ?

Unfortunately none of the drains lead to the nullahs. The poor drains don’t have a beginning nor an end. Their existence just abrupt …….Similar to their disappearance….Abrupt. Many drains have got buried under the sands of time …….but mind you, only in a couple of months and not some centuries or eons like anybody would expect. 

Hopefully someday after many centuries these buried drains would be unearthed and discovered by the generations to come, similar to how the Indus valley Civilization was discovered. The discovery would probably throw some light on how developed and sophisticated our civilization was 😂😂. Ironically Mohenjo-Daro and Harapa the twin townships of the Indus valley are well known for their  extensive and elaborate drainage systems.

Why is our state of affairs so pathetic???

Do we lack skilled brains or skilled labour?????

Is it a lack of honesty or a lack of commitment ????

Where is the accountibility ??? 

Where is the sense of belongingness???

Where are we heading to???

Like the drains is our existence also abrupt?……or do we have a beginning and an end.



Joalita .....or Jolta is just one from the crowd. And every post on this blog is one from the crowd of the random thoughts that pass her mind.

2 thoughts on “No beginning …..No end

  1. In the colonial days there were natural garbage disposal systems, such as the domesticated swine. People didnt use much of paper and plastics weren’t in currency. And population was sparse.So houses were few and far from each other. And there was no climate change.


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