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Tum Bardez, Hanv Xaxtti

Amchi xaxtti, Tumcho Bardez,

Amchem ‘good morning’ , tumchem ‘dev boro dis dium’.

Amchem ‘kexx ahham?’ ,Tumchem ‘kohhem asa?’

Amchem ‘kazarchem doxx’, tumcho ‘kazaracho bholl’

Amcho ‘modgonvcho market’ , tumcho ‘mapxeancho bazar’

Amchem Colva , Tumchem Calangute

Amcho ‘Bannalecho naal’ famad, Tumchem ‘Moiddechim kenni’

Dhogg bhavnna ami , punn mai ekuch amchi,

Goichem daiz rakhun urrun, hench maggnem amchi,

Itllem mhonnun sompoita

Tum Bardez ……….Hanv Xaxxti.
Epilogue. 😎
Well this is a short poem typed in Konkani, trying to compare on a lighter note the diversity between 2 regions or 2 talukas in the small state of Goa. One being Salcette (Xaxxti ) and the other Bardez . Altough these 2 regions are separated by a mere distance of 40 km , they show a vast diversity in culture, food and even in the way the mother tongue is spoken. Blame it on the invasions of the Portuguese or the 2 rivers of Mandovi and Zuari that separate the 2 regions…….Whatever may be the cause of the differences, it is this very diversity that enriches the culture of my small state of Goa.



Joalita .....or Jolta is just one from the crowd. And every post on this blog is one from the crowd of the random thoughts that pass her mind.

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