Amchi xaxtti, Tumcho Bardez,

Amchem ‘good morning’ , tumchem ‘dev boro dis dium’.

Amchem ‘kexx ahham?’ ,Tumchem ‘kohhem asa?’

Amchem ‘kazarchem doxx’, tumcho ‘kazaracho bholl’

Amcho ‘modgonvcho market’ , tumcho ‘mapxeancho bazar’

Amchem Colva , Tumchem Calangute

Amcho ‘Bannalecho naal’ famad, Tumchem ‘Moiddechim kenni’

Dhogg bhavnna ami , punn mai ekuch amchi,

Goichem daiz rakhun urrun, hench maggnem amchi,

Itllem mhonnun sompoita

Tum Bardez ……….Hanv Xaxxti.
Epilogue. 😎
Well this is a short poem typed in Konkani, trying to compare on a lighter note the diversity between 2 regions or 2 talukas in the small state of Goa. One being Salcette (Xaxxti ) and the other Bardez . Altough these 2 regions are separated by a mere distance of 40 km , they show a vast diversity in culture, food and even in the way the mother tongue is spoken. Blame it on the invasions of the Portuguese or the 2 rivers of Mandovi and Zuari that separate the 2 regions…….Whatever may be the cause of the differences, it is this very diversity that enriches the culture of my small state of Goa.