Introduced to the world of blogging about a year back, I have been on a writing spree ever since I quit socialising on Facebook and WhatsApp. 

The WordPress stats indicate that within a span of 2 months I ended up writing about 50 posts. Man!!!!!! Now thats a big deal for a poor linguistic skilled person like me. I was amused by my own achivement. And to add to that some of my blogger friends went a step further and Christened me as the ‘writer’ in the making.

Me a writer ????? 😁😁😁😁 I thought to myself……If going to church doesn’t make one holy…..then surely writing a few blogs doesn’t make me a writer. OK cool! I managed to convince myself that I am not a writer ……..but that wouldn’t stop me from blogging.

Blogging is my latest hobby. I have even mentioned it on my latest BioData.😁😁. Some of the interviewers were amused by my new hobby, while a few felt it was equal to social networking.

 But all good things come with their own set of problems and controversies. Since blogging is my full time hobby right now, I dedicate enough time for it. I wake up in the morning and I am on the phone …..typing out my next post, breakfast is getting cold at the other end. You would never find me idle at home…….I am always on the phone, typing out my posts. After dinner I am back to the comforts of my room, to do what I like the best… blog.

Now my mother was noticing this sudden change in behavior. Her otherwise passive daughter was suddenly seen getting too active on the phone. My mother isn’t aware of my sabbaticals from Facebook and WhatsApp so probably she cooked up her own theories in her mind. 

Just yesterday she was annoyed to see me busy on the phone again, so she tried to distract me with an incentive of a hot cup of tea. But she didn’t realize that here is a amateur focused blogger who wouldn’t leave a post incomplete for a cup of tea. 

“What are you doing all day on the phone?” She asked. 

“I am writing….I mean I am typing something ….a post”…..I replied.

“Writing? Typing????” 😡 ( Does she think she is a writer??? My mother must have surely thought in her mind)

Later in the evening my mother got upset on me for not taking any interest in normal house hold chores. (‘Lady you always knew I don’t like to doing them😁’). Finally she lost her cool and I was at the receiving end. She lambasted me for wasting my time on the phone either listening to music or typing some nonsense. That was it ……I remained silent and just one thought ran through my mind…… It’s a quote from the Bible

Well replace the prophet with the writer.

I thought to myself ….Here is a  writer (me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)  who is not appreciated in her own house. How bad could life beπŸ˜‰. Is this is what they describe as nipping the talent in the bud????

Poor me if only I could make my mother understand.

I am not a writer but……Accepted!, but what harm would expressing some of my thoughts in the form of posts do ??

Especially if I enjoy it.

So shameless as I am, I woke up today morning, with the next post already in my mind and now here I am almost at the end of the post😁. 

Have a Happy Sunday.