There is this group of liquids that I have right from childhood associated with something evil. I don’t exactly know the genesis of this association, but till date it’s stuck in my mind. 

Over the years I have watched, I have observed, I have reasoned and I have concluded that although my views may be very conservative ……I have reasons to still hold to them.

It’s very simple ………..when you have a bad experience in life, everything related to it gets associated with the bad memory. 

I observed some of my own relatives (man and women) on a drunkard binge, feeling high and happy about their intoxicated state, while on the other side the concerned mother stood helpless and the wife cursed her fate and cried. The worst was the little kids, who watched it all ……learnt and understood the power of a drink. My relatives as humans were not bad  …….but it all started with one drink.

My mother narrated her experiences in the hospital attending to patients suffering from liver cirrhosis. Tied to the bed, in a state of withdrawal the patients would yearn for their drink and fire abuses to their helpless family. None of the patients would want to be in such a state………But it all started with one drink.

A father asking his preadolescent son to carry his glass of liquor ………that according to me is disrespecting the child. Parents love their children ………..but they can keep them aside for just one drink.

I was shocked to find a group of my own teenage students in a bar one day, smoking and drinking royally. I confronted them , thinking they would be ashamed…….They didn’t bat an eyelid. I didn’t notice a trace of shame anywhere on their being. Probably they learnt it all at home. Looking at them assured me that the doom of our society was near. They were no longer kids, they had grown into proud immatured adult ……….It must have all started with one drink.

It all starts with a drink…..

One sip…….

At a party, at a function, at home….at a bar, at college……. Wherever.

The drink has many sides to it. To many who earn their bread and butter from its sale, it is nothing less than a blessing. To some it is an integral part of their celebration life. But for many it spells a doom……a curse. And unfortunately for me I have seen more of the last side. My experiences have ended up shaping my views. And my views have shaped my beliefs. 

And my belief are here to stay. I hope that over the years things change, and people stop associating the drink with something bad.