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Joining the dots….

I am suddenly in a new phase of life, subjected to new changes. The moment I got some time for myself , I began introspecting over my past.

I tried to see a connection between events of the past. I tried joining them like dots hoping to figure out a pattern. A pattern which would probably help me predict my future. In math it would be something like extrapolation.

One dot led to another and then another, to form a pattern. But each pattern seemed to look unique. None did seem to repeat. So none could be applied to find my future.

Why am I so obsessed with the future, I asked myself ?

If I knew what was to be , could I even call it the future?

From when did I become so wise to know how my future ought to be? I don’t even know if I’ll survive this night šŸ˜.

As a normal practice of mine, I googled for some ‘joining the dots’ quotes and I found one …….By Steve Jobs.

Don’t know about destiny, life, karma or whatever…….But I do know a God, in whom I better rest my future….my dots.

I guess I need to trust that He would place the dots exactly where they’re meant to be. And finally when all the dots get joined, I’ll see the best pattern, something beyond my expectations.

All I need is to trust and let the dots be ……………………………………………………šŸ˜



Joalita .....or Jolta is just one from the crowd. And every post on this blog is one from the crowd of the random thoughts that pass her mind.

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