Life ……..You keep amusing me. Up and down …..round and round….you make me laugh when I almost hit the ground.

Times keep changing and so do situations. Within a blink of an eye…..a hunter becomes prey, a master becomes slave and … an interviewee becomes interviewer.

Just 2 weeks back I was that, lone nervous looking interviewee running from one institute to another for a job. Finally I ended up in one…..and tough I have not yet got that happy feeling at the new place, I am learning to accept it as a bitter pill. Two weeks in the new institute,  and I am still understanding the tricks of the new trade. But before I could learn even a few of the tricks, I was given a new task today. Life truly has her own ways of amusements. Today, an Interviewee became an interviewer.

I was surprised to hear that I would be part of the interviewing panel for some other posts in our new institute. Me? An interviewer??? 😂😂😂😂 I pinched myself twice. Is this really happening to me? As much as I felt unprepared for the task, I couldn’t shy away from the responsibility. 

So finally I was sitting in the panel , right next to the very people who interviewed me just 2 weeks back. Is this a dream???? 😱😱 Somebody wake me up 😂😂😂😂. 

The interviewees entered one by one both nervous and confident , some underqualified and some over qualified, some very young and some very old. I could picturize myself amongst them……as I sat on the other side of the table today. 

I wonder whether they realised that I was equally nervous as they were. I began meticulously posing questions to the interviewees one by one. I had in mind that no matter what i, wouldn’t make any one of them feel low. I assured that each one managed to answer atleast one of my questions, so that irrespective of the final result, they didn’t feel bad about themselves. …….. Something I was made to feel for many of my interviews.

Finally the interviews were done and I walked out of the hall ……All in smiles, laughing to myself ……Is this how life takes you a full 360?? 😁😁