I tried hard to restrict myself from expressing my views on this topic, which of today has become a contraversial topic in my side of the world.

For the last few weeks a news app on my phone flashed up news updates which often read…..man lynched,…….mob attack…..carcass of a cow found …..Mob infuriated. I knew what it was all about, but I distanced myself from the controversy……until today.

Today evening the news update again read ……. “15 policemen stave off a 1000 strong mob , to save a dairy farmer whose cow died”. I decided to read through the article altough I knew I wouldn’t be happy at the end. As I read through the article I felt a little reassured that even a small force 15 policemen risked their lives to uphold the law of the land.

I ended up feeling angered and depressed tough, at the insanity of the 1000 strong mob. The saying that “one man’s food is the other man’s poison holds true here”. Biologically man is omnivorous …….we eat plants and animals. But owing to geographical, religious and social conditions are eating, dressing styles living styles are different. And it is this difference and diversity that gives the world is beauty.

For years this diversity was honoured and respected. No wonder we had voyagers leaving their own land and moving out in search of new lands, new people ……a lot new …..In search of something different from what they had. 

However today the situation has changed….we don’t like diversity anymore. We expect everybody to be like us…….walk like us, talk like us, eat like us, dress like us ……and even follow the same God like us. In simple terms…..we are no more comfortable with diversity……hence we tolerate something we don’t approve. No wonder my land has earned the title of a ‘Tolerant nation’.

Unfortunately the tolerance limit is small. Hence of late, it gets breached easily.

We can’t tolerate people doing things differently from us….. Can’t tolerate their culture, language, skin colour…………..and the least , can’t tolerate what they eat.

I fail to understand how food on a man’s plate could be evil unless if it was robbed from a hungry man. 

I respect life in all its forms….be it an animal, microorganisms, plants, fish , cattle…….and most of all my own species….Humans.

Man are being slaughtered in the name of a cow. 

How do we think of defending God, when we can’t defend our own.?

How do we justify the killing of a human for the food he eats?

From when did food get linked to morality ?

I don’t know if this would make sense ….but since man lies on the pinnacle of the food chain, he has a wider choice over what he eats for survival. I guess if we had a bigger animal like a dinosaur at the pinnacle today, we would be food for them……And that would be well with the structure nature had set. 

I don’t think it would be immoral for a dinosaur to eat a human if he was hungry.

I don’t think it’s right to fight over food. At the same time we need to respect each other’s sentiments…..whether it is religion or food. 

No matter what, animals and plants will forever be our food. Instead of fighting over which animal can be eaten, we should rather find ways to reduce the pain inflicted to the animal during slaughtering. Animals should be cared well and should be given a dignified end. I guess that would be the highest respect shown to an animal. 

Secondly if we learn to respect our food, we our respecting the animal or plant that we eat. When we waste food…..it is a waste of one animal life…..now that’s a real disrespect.

I mean no offense to any community or country, but these events do disturb me and confuse my mind. 

Although I hope for things to improve ……I know it’s a far reality. ……Today it’s food…… Tomorrow I don’t know what…..