When my mood is down, when I feel lost in a new place, when I am anxious about the future, when I am happy, when I want I want to pay a deaf ear to gossip, when the drive is long an I am all bored………there is just one thing that comes to my rescue………MUSIC 🎡🎡🎡

I am not a singer ….But I like to sing. I am a dropout from music school …….but I still love listening to music. I don’t understand the difference in genres of music , nor the musical scales. I cant Identify singers nor music bands. All I know is that,if it strikes a chord in my heart and mind, than it’s good music. And if it is good, than it gotta be louuuuuud πŸ”ˆπŸ”‰πŸ”Š. 

Stress has its own fallouts, no wonder off late I have developed a new craze of downloading mashups or covers of some famous songs. The situation at times is such that , I am listening to the same song…….but in different styles. And somehow I love it…….I guess it’s all thanks to my super stressed- depressed life. 

My phone and my earphones have become my most priced possessions nowadays. I spend my nights browsing through songs and downloading them. The next day starts with a blast as I drive to my workplace with the blaring music playing all along (keeps my spirits high you see😎). At my workplace too, I end up plugging my ears and getting lost in a world of my own. Finally at the end of day I am back to bed. But all of a sudden I wake up in the night and the tunes are still playing in my mind. So I end up plugging my ears again and listening to my favorite songs, as on the other side sleep eludes me. Of late I have even mastered the art of listening to music on a 2 wheeler.

Music relaxes the mind, infact some songs have beautiful lyrics which say a thousand words in a few lines. So call Jolta a freak, isolated, reserved, insane person……..It hardly matters ……. Because as long as life goes on she will …….Ooooh aaaaah 🎡🎡 let the music play🎡🎡