“Before they fade away with time, I want to make them mine. So I’ll jot them down in this post, so that I can cherish these memories the most. 😁😁

4 and a half years ……thats quite some time to get used to a place, it’s people and most of all, its ethos. No wonder I am so attached to my old workplace.The realisation has not yet dwelled over me, that I will not be working there anymore. Nevertheless before I get too emotional I’ll put down some memories of this place.

I joined this place, thanks to my classmate and friend who made life so easy for me.

Working with her for 2.5 years was the best time, where we explored the inside and outside of the campus …..to find secret cemeteries, jungles, springs, parks and a lot more.

We both would be 1 hour early to the workplace, but would be just in time to punch. How? That’s because we used to convert our 4 wheelers into a mini studio and record our songs.( We were self proclaimed singers 😎)

Then came the 3rd member of our gang, and the life became even more fun. Those were the days where I used to crave to go for work.

There was this hand made sky latern we made…..Which got burnt before it could even take of. What reached the sky was just the fumes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

The election duty , when I was the posted as an officer…..frankly speaking I was the most lost officer who almost had a heart attack. This officer even took her friends and mother to stay at the booth…….No wonder it was a disastrous learning experience 😁 but I learnt a lot.

Then came the tragedy, when my friends had to leave for better prospects and I remained behind all lost and lonely. Those were the days when I found the entire place new…….And everybody unknown. But with time I moved on……..Almost became a gypsy …..Moving from one department to another in search for new friends and acquaintances to while away time.

Finally some old colleagues became my new friends. And with them I hanged out. 

Suddenly there were so many friends……both girl friends and boy friends and acquaintances too. Some times it was difficult to know which group I belonged too 😁.

Just like love , friendship is also blind….And age was never a bar. So I even had friends who were in their sixties but definitely young at heart.

Then came green tea groups, that of course were very short lived. But nevertheless I had fun.

There were mini local exploration trips. 

There were tragedies on sports day…..All because of me πŸ˜•.

Then started the blogging fever , where it was a mutual network of blogger and reader ……One to one……New blogger friends.

How could I forget the canteen experience, where my food plate was a national park with some endangered tiny species wriggling through it.😝

I enjoyed participating in the chapel activities to…..Never had any experience in parish youth though 😁. From organising the First Friday masses to The way of the cross, this was really one time I enjoyed religious activities.

I loved the freedom that this place offered…..From sneaking out for movies ,to short trips to springs and restaurant …..It was fun…..But never a compromise with our work. Time was managed well. 
I hate taking up responsibilities, but if they are unofficial then I never mind…..No wonder I ended up in so many unofficial (infact some non existent) commitees…..Which ranged from the garden committee, crib committee to the ultimate magazine committee.

This workplace truely made me feel at home, I was a gardener one moment and the next a kid decorating the Christmas tree. It was fun switching between roles…..Gardener to kid to magazine editor πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ to a clerk to a peon and the ultimate ……a lecturer. 

Sometimes when I look back to those days I wonder whether in all this fun and play, did i do any work?? Oh yes I did…..Afterall I was paid for lecturing on a subject 😁. And that I did amongst all the other co curricular activities.

Finally my speaking about my students, well I had all the types smart, intelligent, dumb, dull, attitude, humble, proud, annoying, loving ……..Too many varieties and that’s what makes it more memorable.

My colleagues were also of all types friendly, proud, shrewd, rude, hyper religious, almost atheist, quite, gossipers, back stabbers, envious, egoistic, humble, smart, beautiful, awesome, highly intellectual………Etc etc.

There were bad days too ……But I don’t want to remember them. Somehow all the goodness of the place overshadowed the evil within the place. But sadly the evil spirits still exists.

Spirits remind me of the ghost that lives in one of the buildings of the campus. The ghost made his presence known by living behind mysterious foot prints on stairs. I guess he must be a friendly ghost seeking some knowledge from the Institute.

The stories of this institute will never end and there is so much more I can write about this place, that probably would bore the reader. So I better be stopping here…..And walking back from this memory lane to reality. I have left behind my favorite workplace, and with it I have left behind a part of me behind. 

As of today I feel that, no matter where I work and for how many years…..This workplace will always be special to me.