Everybody is growing old. I believe ageing begins at the very moment we are born. Our cells start getting oxidized the moment we are out of the womb….. after all of the mitosis and meiosis.

As the cells slowly begin oxidizing the symptoms begin showing. Some develop grey hair …….even in their childhood 😁. Some begin to look like adults…..In their teens. Some begin with wrinkles ….. In their 20’s. While some begin with aching bones and arthritis ……In their 30’s. 

But besides the physical symptoms there are some that display cognitive deterioration…….like me 😨. Yes, we begin forgetting. Of late I have been showing a lot of these symptoms.

I plan out many things for the day, but I remember all only at the end of the day. I walk out for my class …..Which class was I suppose to go???

I enter the class……What was I suppose to do today???

I plan to complete my work at home…..Open the bag to realise that I left everything back at work???

My mother plans an appointment with the doctor ……..I as usual ….. Forgot.

I have a standard quotation for students when they come with an excuse that they have forgotten something……I would be like “forgot????  How could you? If you start forgetting at your age , what will you do at my age?”. Most of the kids would laugh it out , little realising the truth in my statement. 

I am not scared to age…… Altough I don’t know how I would react when I get my first white hairπŸ˜‚. But the forgetting symptoms have rang an alarm in my mind 😨. Sometimes I feel I’ll be blank in a few years. 

But until then life will go, and ill keep posting on my blog. Hopefully I never forget my blog 😁 

Thank you